3 Course Lobster Dinner: 



Charcuterie Is the genre of cooking dedicated to curing and preparing meats.  It has a long history and is a highly regarded form of cookery.  Many of the classic charcuterie preparations came about from the need to preserve meat.  What was once done out of pure necessity slowly evolved into an art form across Europe and around the world.  To pay respect to the history and craftsmanship of true charcuterie and cheese making, Chef Ron has procured some amazing products for you. Everything is ready for you to platter up.  Slice the bread.  Add the accompaniments to your own service ware or leave in the containers they are in.  Unwrap the charcuterie and shingle out onto the platter. There is a Fig Jam from Jackie's Jams and an Apricot Mustard. Here is list of the charcuterie and cheese:


Saint Angel

Milk: pasteurized Cow’s milk

Dairy: Fromagerie Guilloteau

Location: Pelussin, France

Description: This French luxurious triple-creme is considered a gift from the cheese gods and thus is adorned with the name Saint Angel. It has a thin white rind and unctious creamy texture that melts in your mouth. Beneath the rind is an ivory paste with a texture like whipped cream and butter. Its flavor is creamy with a hint of mushrooms that becomes more present with age.  Enjoy this French masterpiece with champagne or sparkling wine.

 Boschetto al Tartufo

Milk: mixed cow and sheep’s milk, pasteurized

Dairy: Cooperativa Agricola Il Forteto

Location: the town of Mugello in Tuscany, Italy

Description: One of my favorite cheeses, this is an Artisan Semi-Soft cheese infused with shavings of highly-prized rare white truffles that lend an earthy aroma and flavour to the mild sweetness.  Creamy firm texture, and rindless.    

Cabrales Blue

Milk: Unpasteurized Cow’s milk blended with Goat and Sheep Milk

Dairy: various rural dairy farmers in the region of Cabrales 

Location: Asturias, Northern Spain, at the foot of the Picos de Europa mountains

Description:  This is a highly prized Spanish blue cheese with a creamy but firm texture, strong bite and penetrating aroma.  This is for serious blue cheese lovers!  Unlike most other blue cheeses that are injected with Penicillum, this cheese cures from the outside in.  It is matured for 2 – 4 months in the cold and humid limestone caves of the region.  Best with a fortified wine such as Port or Oloroso Sherry.   




White Truffle Salami – (the whiter color of the two salamis)

Angel’s Salumi and Truffles, San Diego

This an addictingly unctuous and delicate salami crafted from 100% dry-cured Berkshire Pork, with Italian white truffles, assortment of spices, Grappa, and White peppercorn. This salami is aged for 3 months following the same artisan methods of the traditional White Truffle salamis created in the region of Alba, Italy.


Spanish Chorizo – (the redder color of the two salamis)

Olli Salumeria, Oceanside, California

Spanish chorizo, also known as hard chorizo is a salami producing in the traditional Spanish style using pimento de la vera, which ia a smoked paprika using only oak wood, and Sangiovese wine. This Spanish chorizo has an authentic smoky flavor.  



La Quercia American Prosciutto Makers in Norwalk, Iowa

Nduja is a specialty of Calabria, Italy, whose residents love chiles and anything spicy. Traditionally, this spread would be considered a peasant dish, being made from "poor cuts” of meat. It was an ingenious way to save the tougher cuts by blending them with the right amount of spices and turning them into something delicious.  At La Quercia American prosciutto makers in Norwalk, Iowa, Kathy and Herb Eckhouse, who are considered to be among the finest makers of cured meats in the world, make their ’nduja from prosciutto and speck, the two best cuts. The meats are ground and blended with American red pepper to make a spreadable treat. I will mix in a touch of charred tomato to make it even more tasty for your focaccia.

 Cheeses are listed in the order they should be eaten, progressing from the softer, younger, more delicate cheeses to the aged, bolder, more intense cheeses.    

 RECOMMENDATION:  Remove cheeses and Nduja from refrigeration 30 minutes prior to serving. 


Besides the recommended pairings for each specific cheese, Chardonnay from a cool climate region such as Sonoma or Burgundy works great with both the cheese and the charcuterie and will transition really well to the lobster.  Pinot Noir, which tends to have a good balance of fruit, acid and tannin is a naturally good pairing with the charcuterie. 


You will receive 1 deshelled whole lobster per person, a variety of vegetables including sea beans, king oyster mushroom, charred Campari tomato, baby zucchini and baby beets with lemon zest, truffle oil and himalayan sea salt.  You have a lobster sauce and Aged Gouda Polenta.  

Polenta: Heat all of them together in the microwave in their plastic ramekin, 60 seconds at a time, until hot.  Transfer to serving plate.  They should pop out of the ramekin.  Or you can poke a hole in the bottom with the tip of a paring knife. 

Beets and Tomato: I recommend not heating those, but you can microwave gently if you prefer them warm. Place on plate as well. 

The lobster is in a container with lemon oil and butter.  Place the butter into a sauté pan set over medium heat.  When melted,  add the pieces of lobster and the oil of the container  Heat the lobster, turning occasionally, until it is warm, just warm or a little more, not hot.  Leave the claws in a little longer than the rest.  Transfer to your serving plates.  Add the sea beans, zucchini and mushroom to the pan and heat until just hot then transfer to the same plate.  Now add your sauce to the same pan and bring to a boil then spoon over the lobster.  This is where people can work together to make a beautiful presentation! Feel free to add your own touches!!  Note: I am very thorough and meticulous in de-shelling the lobster, but little shell fragments may rarely be found.  Some claws may have a thin white shell inside them, you just eat around it.  

Wine: The absolute best wine to pair with Lobster is Chardonnay.  A Pinot Grigio also works, especially in the summer time.  If you'd like to go Sparkling that is a great idea too!!  


This is a blood orange panna cotta with chocolate gelee and blood orange gelee.  Place the fruit mixture atop the panna cotta and garnish with mint sprig! 


I'm available any time for questions: 619 948 1778   Enjoy!!!!!!