grillThis simple but so tasty grilled meat is inspired by the Mexican Caribbean where citrus and achiote, a brick red seed with a tangy earthy taste, are staples. Achiote is easily found in the latin spice section of grocery stores. This recipe uses pre-ground achiote powder, as it doesn‘t lose intensity on the shelf like most other spices. It is also available in brick form and as a whole seed. Add vegetables to your liking for a beautiful summer BBQ. I like roasting super ripe plantains whole in their peel on a piece of foil right on the grill until hot and steamy inside. Their sweetness works well with the tangy marinade on the meat.

Serves 4

2 # Beef Tri Tip Roast
1 Lemon, juice and zest
1 Orange, juice and zest
1 Lime, juice only
1 Red Onion, peeled, core removed
1 Tbsp Achiote Powder
1 Tbsp Oil
Natural Oil Spray
Salt and Pepper

4 Ripe Plantains (yellow and black colored peel)
4 Portabella Mushrooms, stems removed
1 Red Bell Pepper
Other Vegetables, if desired

• Combine citrus juices and zests in a bowl.
• Add oil and achiote.
• Add tri tip, turning so that meat is covered in marinade. Set aside.
• Cut paper thin crosswise slices from both sides of the onion, adding them to the marinating meat. Refrigerate meat two hours.
• Cut remaining center part of onion into ½ inch planks crosswise and skewer them so that the rings don’t separate when grilling. Scrape away gills from underside of portabellas with a spoon and discard.
• Fire up your grill to medium heat.
• Place plantains on a piece of foil and put in the corner of the grill. Cook until very hot inside, turning occasionally. Spray meat and vegetables with oil. Place the bell pepper on the grill whole. Turn occasionally until charred on the outside. Grill skewered onions slowly towards the edge of the grill. Grill Portabellas on the hot part. Grill meat slowly until outside is nicely roasted. Remove vegetables and set aside.
• Turn heat to low.
• Cover meat with the onions from the marinade. Close lid and continue cooking until desired doneness. Tri tip is best at medium rare, or 130 degrees on a thermometer. When the meat is done, remove to a cutting board. Reheat your vegetables back on the grill while the meat is resting (about 10 minutes).
• Season meat and vegetables with salt and pepper.
• Serve vegetables family style in the middle of the table. Carve the meat and serve.

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